Reusable Swim Nappies FAQs

Author: Waladi  

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All your questions related to our reusable swim nappies answered!

Reusable swim nappies are becoming a popular option with mothers today. But what are they? How do you use them? And what are their benefits?


How to use reusable swim nappies?

There are two main components to reusable swim nappies: a waterproof PUL outer layer and a mesh inner layer. The mesh inner will catch any solid wastes and the waterproof PUL outer will prevent them from escaping. So the baby’s wees will pass through, but not the solids.

When your baby does a poo, simply plop the solid wastes in the toilet, give your swim nappy a quick rinse and wash in the washing machine. It’s that easy!


Do I need to use inserts with my reusable swim nappy?

Absolutely not. If you were to use inserts with your swim nappy, you would find them soaking up as much water as possible as soon as your baby stepped into the water. This will result in weighing down your child and will not be useful at all in soaking up any solid or liquid wastes.


How do I wash my reusable swim nappies?

Once the solid waste has been rinsed out into the toilet, feel free to wash your nappy in the washing machine. No need for a heavy cycle, just an everyday or quick cycle should do the job.

Air drying is recommended. If this option is not available to you, then use a dryer at a delicate or tumble dry setting to maintain the integrity of the swim nappy.


I use disposable swim nappies. Why should I switch to reusable?

Disposable swim nappies are the option that parents who use disposable nappies on the children tend to gravitate towards for their child’s swimming needs. Some parents don’t even know about reusable swim nappies!

If you are a parent who uses disposable swim nappies, you might find yourself going through a pack of them at every beach trip. The constant switch between disposable swim nappy and regular nappy will have you spending lots of money during a fun day out. If your child regularly participates in swim lessons, you’ll need a couple for each session.

You will also have to keep in mind that as your child grows, you will need new disposable swim nappies and the couple you still have from your old pack will be redundant.

So much money wasted for a problem that is easily resolvable by using reusable swim nappies!

You’ll also find that reusable swim nappies are much gentler on baby’s bottoms than disposables.

An extensive articles about swim nappies is written on Baby Centre website here


So what’s so great about Waladi’s reusable swim nappies?

Here are some awesome features to consider about Waladi’s reusable swim nappies:

  • The double row adjustable snap system ensures that these swim nappies are designed to fit most babies from newborn to toddler (3.5 to 15kg). That means no buying new swim nappies every time your child goes up a size!
  • Fast drying – the fabrics that make up the nappy allow it to dry extremely fast (1-2 hours with wind and sun and within a day if not).
  • Super cute and fun designs!