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Superior Quality Reusable Swim Nappies For Babies

Waladi is one of the leading Australian brands to sell reusable swim nappies for babies at reasonable prices. Our stylish swim nappies are designed to fit most babies and are contoured for ease of movement in the water.

One Size Fits Most

Reusable Adjustable Swim Nappies come in multiple designs and fit babies and toddlers up to 15kg. The improved design makes this swim nappy a perfect snug fit for your baby so he or she won't be restricted when in water. Your little one will look great in his first pair of swimmers and stay comfortable all day long.

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Maximum Leak Protection With Baby Swim Nappies

Learning to swim is vital for your child's overall growth. However, using disposable swim nappies for babies is not only costly but creates unnecessary waste that is harmful to the environment.

As a leading reusable baby products supplier dedicated to offering an extensive collection of baby essentials, we designed and developed waterproof and reusable baby swim nappies that are one-size-fits-most (OSFM)! These swim nappies are designed to contain accidents, so parents have time to go to the bathroom to clean their baby.

The outer layer material is made of waterproof PUL and the mesh layer on the inside holds any solid waste.

If you have questions, feel free to call us on  0413 197 679 or drop your message at:  [email protected]. We will be glad to talk to you and answer all your questions to your utmost satisfaction.

Why Buy Reusable Swim Nappies From Us

  • High-quality swim nappies, wet bags, baby cloth nappies, and training pants
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Free shipping Australia-wide for $45+ orders
  • Affordable pricing
  • Extensive product range
  • Returns accepted

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are reusable swim nappies worth it?

Reusable swim nappies will not only save the planet from disposable alternatives that stay for years in landfills but also will save you money so you can do other fun things with your child. Our swim nappies are reusable and size adjustable, this means you buy them once and they’ll last you throughout your baby's early years until they’re out of nappies altogether. That’s a massive saving over the 4 or so years.

Q2. Do I need to use a liner with swim nappies?
No. The outer layer of the reusable swim nappies is made of waterproof printed PUL and there is a mesh layer inside that can hold any solid waste.
So, there is no need to use an extra liner or insert. Your baby can easily have fun in the water all day long.Just make sure to change your baby if they do a poo.

Liners inside a swim nappy will weigh your baby down. Please follow your local pool guidelines as they can differ.

Q3. Why are reusable swim nappies better than disposable ones?
Reusable swim nappies offer a host of benefits as compared to disposable ones. They are

  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Can be used again and again
  • Water-proof
  • Odour-resistant
  • Comfortable and gentle
  • Economical
  • Fast drying

Q4. How do I clean swim nappies?
Since swim nappies are washable, it is very easy to clean them. All you have to do is.

  • Flush any solid waste in the toilet
  • Rinse the nappy under cold water
  • Wash it in the washing machine
  • Dry it in the sunlight

However, avoid using harsh detergents and bleach.

Q5. Do swim nappies hold poo?
Of course, yes. The inner layer of the nappy is made of mesh fabric that can hold any solid waste.
Our swim nappies are designed to contain and hold poo solids so you can have the chance to change your baby with minimum to no mess in the pool. Swim nappies don’t hold wee though as they’re designed to not hold or absorb liquid to avoid weighing your baby down.

Q6. Do reusable swim nappies absorb urine?
No. Swim nappies are not meant to hold urine. This is because these don’t have any absorbent layer else they would quickly soak pool water and become heavy.