Bamboo Charcoal Baby Cloth Nappy Inserts:

– 5 Layers (3 Microfibre Layers inside for maximum absorption)
– 2 Bamboo Charcoal Layers on the outer Layer, soft and antibacterial
– Size: 34cm x 14cm


Bamboo Fibre Features:

Naturally soft:

Bamboo Fibre is extremely soft, manufacturers started using it in baby clothing and other products to ensure the gentle feeling on the babies skin.


Allergy reduced:

Bamboo is naturally smooth fibre properties are non-irritating to the skin, making it ideal for people with skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis.


Thermal regulating:

ensuring that baby are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Absorbs moisture:

Bamboo fibre is four times more absorbent than cotton.



The porous qualities of bamboo fibre account for it’s breathability; clothing made of bamboo resists clinging during hot weather or exercise.



Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent, kun, that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it, which means it helps keep you odour free.


UV protection:

Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Fantastic absorber

naturally soft, gentle feeling against baby's skin
non irritating to baby's skin- ideal for skin sensitivties and dermatits

thermal regulating, ensuring that baby is warm in winter
and cool in summer

inserts are made up of five layers
3 microfiber inserts inside
2 bamboo charcoal layers as the outer layers

Dimension: 35 X 13.5cm
gussets and no gussets

fast absorbing and super fast drying.
this makes laundry a breeze!

contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent,kun, that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it. This keeps odours and nappy rash at bay

contains charcoal embedded
in a bamboo polyester mix for
the outer layers. This is
what boosts the antibacterial properties of the insert and prevents nappy rash.

Perfect for:

  • During the day
  • During daytime naps
  • during the night or other long stretches of time


Barcode # 600189241173
Brand Waladi

Excellent and best i've used!

By: on 25 July 2019
Bamboo inserts are excellent. They work better than any other type of nappy insert. We have experienced zero leakages as the inserts absorb it all.

Excellent and best i've used!

By: on 13 June 2019
These Bamboo Charcoal inserts work better than any other type of insert I have used. They are super absorbent and are great value for money too.


By: on 24 July 2018
good stuff!

Very happy with product

By: on 24 July 2018
Very absorbent more so than other products will by buying more for sure!

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