Our most practical, versatile size – the medium waterproof wet bag.

Which little one doesn't love a good teepee to hide away in and allow their imagination to soar? A cute, gender neutral design perfect for your little daydreamer!



  • Waterproof PUL material
  • 2 separate pockets
  • Each pocket has a zipper
  • Stroller latch

Can be used to store a clean set of clothes and nappies in one pocket, leaving the other pocket for the soiled/wet items. This bag will eliminate your need for plastic bags COMPLETELEY.

Attach this bag to your existing nappy bag or use it on its own. It stretchy material will allow it to hold more than you’d think!

Use it to hold soiled clothing, cloth diapers, wet swimsuits, toys, wet wipes, snacks, sippy cups, bottles, toiletries, potting training supplies…the possibilities are endless!


Size: H40cm x W30cm (with 2 separate compartments with separate zips)
Material: Water-Resistant Printed PUL

Back colour: Yellow

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down with a water/vinegar solution in between uses.
  • When needed, throw into the wash on a cold cycle.
  • Use natural, gentle detergents. Avoid anything with fragrances, enzymatic cleaners, fabric softeners and bleach.
  • Air dry. Only if necessary, use a dryer on a cool setting. Do not use dryer sheets.


Please note: Refrain from washing or drying on hot cycles as this can damage the waterproof PUL layer of the bag.


Barcode # 600189240107
Brand Waladi
Size Medium

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Great seller A+

Great quality product! Thankyou colours are not as bright/fluro as photos tho ☺️

This product is so great! I'm a swim teacher so I use this bag very frequently. I love that their are two different pockets so I use one to hold dry stuff and the other to hold my wet swimmers. I have had NO LEAKS. I can see how it would be perfect not only for swim use but also day to day use. I think the designs are really cute and I love the options. It is also able to fit a lot of things in the bag. 100% recommed.