Cloth Nappy Inserts FAQs

Author: Waladi  

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The differences between each of our inserts is highlighted here, so you can find which ones suit your needs.

Waladi currently offers microfibre, white bamboo, bamboo charcoal and hemp inserts.

What is the difference between each type of insert?

 Here’s a brief rundown of the performance of each type of insert:

  1. Microfibre: dries really fast so it’s great for use during winter and can be used as an add-on during naps or at night to another insert that you are using.
  2. Bamboo: Great absorber and is soft on baby’s skin. For more features on bamboo fibre please check out the description here. The difference between White bamboo and bamboo charcoal inserts is that bamboo charcoal contains charcoal embedded in a bamboo polyester mix for the outer layers, which boosts the antibacterial properties of the insert and prevent nappy rash. Bamboo is also a fast absorber.
  3. Hemp: A bit pricey, but will last for so long and are really sturdy and very absorbent. More absorbent than bamboo, but a slower absorber.


Do I need gusseted inserts?

Gusseted inserts are used to further protect against side spillages and leaks. It is a personal choice of whether to use gussets vs no gussets. Our cloth nappies have double gussets, so they do provide protection against spillages and leaks. However, some parents like to double up and use them with gusseted inserts to ensure maximum protection against leaks.


I’m so overwhelmed! Which insert do I go for?

It is advisable to try a variety of materials in order to see what works for your baby. Usually, newborns don’t need that much absorption, so you might find that one microfibre or bamboo insert is doing the trick. As baby gets older, starts eating solids, is sleeping through the night or having long naps, you’ll need to try the more absorbent options like bamboo or hemp. Our cloth nappies are pocket nappies, so more than one insert can be placed in the pocket of the nappy to maximise absorption when your child reaches this stage. If you’re still uncertain and want some advice related to your situation, please feel free to contact us.