• Designed to fit most babies from newborn to toilet training (3.5 to 15kg), this one size fits most cloth nappy saves parents thousands of dollars on disposables.
  • Designed to fit most babies from birth to toilet training, thanks to the adjustable snaps located on the nappy
  • Has a built in Double Row system of snaps to easily adjust the size, DOUBLE elastic on the sides and a pocket for the insert to go in.
  • Allow you to adjust the level of protection to suit your baby’s specific needs day or night by changing the quantity or type of inserts used in the cloth nappy.
  • Fast drying – the fabrics that make up the nappy allow it to dry extremely fast (1-2 hours with wind and sun and within a day if not).


  • Outer layer material: Waterproof printed PUL layer
  • Inner layer material: Bamboo charcoal
  • Nappy style: Pocket nappy

NOTE: Inserts are not included and need to be purchased separately


Why do we use charcoal bamboo for the inner lining?

Bamboo Charcoal is made of bamboo by means of a pyrolysis process. It is known to have high porosity. Various impurities or foreign matter will be absorbed over the wide surface area of the charcoal. When air passes over, if the humidity is high, the charcoal will absorb the moisture and the air will be converted to dry air. If the air is too dry, then the charcoal will discharge its own moisture, thus adjusting the humidity in the air.

Hypoallergenic: Bamboo charcoal fibre properties are non-irritating to the skin, making it ideal for people with skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis.

Thermal regulating: Ensures that you are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bamboo charcoal excellent wicking properties makes it ideal for warm summer days.

Absorbency: A cross section of bamboo charcoal fibre reveals various micro-holes, allowing the nappies to have superior absorption. Absorbs up to 60% more than cotton.

Breathable: The porous qualities of bamboo charcoal fibre gives great breathability and is extremely comfortable against baby’s skin.

Anti-bacterial: Bamboo charcoal fabric contains a natural occurring anti-microbial agent that prevents bacteria from cultivating, which means much less odour than other type of nappies!


Why do we use waterproof PUL for the outer Shell lining?

PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) is fabric with a thin polyurethane layer bonded to it in a high heat or chemical industrial process. It is more breathable than PVC or other plastic covers. It was originally developed for medical purposes, providing a fabric that is waterproof, comfortable to wear/breathable and durable. Therefore, PUL makes the perfect material to use on the outer layer of our cloth nappies to ensure your baby’s clothes stay dry.


Instructions for use of our one size cloth cloth nappy

  1. Adjust the rise snaps so the cloth nappy fits near your baby’s belly button.
  2. Slide an insert into the pocket.
  3. Make sure the insert is flat, then fasten the cloth nappy around your baby.
  4. Adjust the waist snaps and hip snaps accordingly for a custom fit.
  5. When soiled, remove the cloth nappy from your baby, remove the insert, and place both insert and pocket cloth nappy into the cloth nappy pail, ready for washing.


Washing Instructions

  1. Rinse in cold water with no detergent. This prevents most stains from setting.
  2. Machine wash in cold water (no more than 40 degrees)
  3. You can use your normal detergent however we recommend Eco-Store or any other natural detergent to help protect our environment, preserve the integrity of the nappy and prevent any allergies/rashes on your precious baby’s bum.
  4. Air dry. The sun is a natural bleacher and antibacterial, and bamboo is natural and loves the sun! However, if you need to dry it in the dryer, make sure your dryer is on an air cycle as the heat can damage the waterproof outer layer of the nappy.


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